I Promised you my love.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007 8:50 AM


i miss my blogspot!!!! haha.. but i'm no longer using this site.. just didn't want to delete it.. i'm using Xanga.

lastly, happy new year............
2007 =))

Friday, November 17, 2006 12:10 AM

Thursday, November 16, 2006 5:30 PM

hamster overrs- lol but now the problem is it will squeak when u wanna hold it.. so no choice =x

ping'er- haha nvm lor anw we tmr can meet le. excited ba? celebrate tgth.. haha..

angiee- yup! sign up lei.. but i dunno how to make lei anyhow figure out lol

jolene- hehe hao.. but blog also nt rdy yet leh.. zzz. ;p

rena- wei dun call me dajie. im xiaojie only. lol. why? didnt study well eh

meiyi- hao de^^

carissa- is it since that re-patch thg? i tat time also cant sign in for 2days. so pekcek! but in e end can le. so u keep trying.. =)

yanling- rioting lor.. zzz. choychoy

huilin- haha ya lor. how u?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 6:06 PM

i've created a new blog at Xanga. hehe
but still working on it...... =D
i'm very very busy!

__ i'm back! Xanga is not bad.. hey ppl should change to that..hmmm aiya around the same? =p
i'll start blogging there soon. this blog will not be deleted. bu she de =x
and there's ppl who use meikit and kitkit also. cus i've checked when i couldnt sign up with that name. make me soo pekcek! must try n try alot usernames. that meikit is a BOY lei. siao! anyhow use my name lah haha.

and.. its raining so heavily just now.. make me so down -.-
Darling love such weather and he's sleeping like a pig now.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006 1:48 PM

ytd went out 7am to court with Darling n family. bail and postpone.
then Kusu Island. sit the ferry. journey abt 15mins i guess? ard there..
v hot.. pray.. turtles.. big snake.. shop.. little seashore.. climb up the stairs to a little temple or something. write our wishes on the packet of thing den tie mine with Darling's and he threw it up to the tree branches.. this is how ppl make wish.. also can write on the rocks or railings at the side. ^^
went back to his hse and slept....... zzz

this morning, Darling acc me go pei my papa at TTSH for eye laser thing. hais seems so xingku and painful.. awww~
while waiting, he slept at the chairs like a pig. called him to wake, didnt respond at first so my papa laughed at him. lol
then to papa's. rest awhile and now back at Darling's. damn tired!
so Bobbi Brown called me to go training and will arrange a day. that time i was thinking if i nv get the job, i will be pekcek or what. now that she called le, i feel.. dunno what the feeling. haha. maybe i'm lazy lah. yup. but also good lah i should work SOON. have rested so long le.. zzz
but i'm afraid i will lose the days of being a full-time slacker soon. haha.

i've been very very lazy to blog. really..
anw, i got a new hamster from Leen. my belated birthday present nor.
its SOOO cute and tiny..
BUT i won't touch it again cus it SQUEAK, yuckssss lor.....omg
maybe its still a young baby or wad. but it really make my hair stand. damn sickening and yucks lor. it squeaks when u wanna hold it, even when changing the beddings or wad. my sister told me. haha luckily is not me who do it. and i guess i won't do it. how? who can takecare of my SQUEAKING but cute hamster? its cute.. but i just really dislike the part.. omg omg
who will want to buy such a squeaking little freak? Leen says she buy this cus SHE HEARD IT SQUEAK MANY TIMES AND GOT SOUND SO SEEMS MORE LIVELY. walao.. whr gt ppl think like this one? she don't even know that if hamster squeaks is NOT EVEN a very good thing.
and it is the second time i wanna hold it and it squeak like hell and made me screammm like hell. gave me a fucking shock. squeak for a few secs and the sound is damn sharp n really can make anybody's hair stand, except Leen's cus she thought its a ke ai part of a hamster. ahhh can i change for a quiet hamster? a mute one will be good. i'm scared of hamster's bites also cus it usually bite on and won't let go. and teeth is small so it feel more sharp n pain. i rather let a dog bite. lol. no la, only let my Girlgirl bite.. she always bite for fun.. =D
i will only feed the hamster, won't touch it. whoever try it, will regret! sure xia si ni la!

Saturday, November 11, 2006 12:55 AM


Friday, November 10, 2006 1:01 AM

been very lazy.. not very busy..
just plain laziness =x
will update the day after today? maybe.

and i love him soo much just can't lose him..

we'll wish....

Forever yours.

2005六月四日我找到了你 <3